On October 18, 2018, the Laramie High School Choirs will be performing their first concert in the LHS theatre.  

The concert starts at 7 p.m., lasts about an hour, and admission is free.

For this concert, choir director Donna Solverud chose to focus on folk songs from around the world.  The specific countries they will be focusing on are Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Latvia, Cuba, and America.  

The choir left off last year with an impactful bang, focusing on topics such as suicide and depression.  While that is important, focusing on lighter material may be a nice change of pace.

Folk tunes are a beautiful window into cultural values and customs. They depict a people’s way of life.  Especially because the choirs are focusing on more than the traditionally expected American and Irish folk songs, they are giving the school a trip around the world.

Solverud not only has her students appreciate the culture through the music itself but has them sing the songs in their original language.

“They do a really good job and they’re used to singing in other languages, I try to do a diverse selection of music, so they’re pretty used to it,” Solverud said.

Solverud has six different choirs performing. Her Freshman Choir which is the basic beginning choir. Concert choir, a non-audition choir, that is mostly comprised of Sophomores although anyone can join regardless of grade or choral background. Lady Plainsmen Voices, an all-girls audition choir that is mostly upperclassmen.  Plainsmen Singers, the top school choir. It is audition and mixed (meaning co-ed). Jazz Choir, a group of 16 students audition choir. And finally, the men’s choir that meets at lunch.

The choirs are working on songs up to their aptitude which means the harder languages are being sung by the upper division choirs.  Solverud says that her girls are having fun with Japanese, but Latvian is a very difficult language.

Even with that being the case, Solverud seems very confident in her choirs and is extremely happy with their progress.

“All the choirs are doing a great job this year I think they’re getting prepared, so I don’t feel too stressed. Usually when it comes about two or three weeks out I’m like ‘Ohh dear are we gonna be able to get this together?’ but they’re doing great,” Solverud said.

In this time of beginning rehearsals and performances it is good to see groups of the music department off to such a strong start. As many musicians know, it can be difficult to achieve their goals especially so early in the year.

As of right now the choirs are preparing as normal with in class practice and after school rehearsals.