The Laramie High School theater classes are preparing for their performances of White Christmas on Nov. 16 and 17.

There will be three shows, one evening show on Nov. 16, and a matinee (daytime show) as well as an evening show on Nov. 17.

White Christmas has more dancing than any of the shows that Laramie High School has put on before, and the cast is preparing for this by having many dance practices.

On Mondays, the theater class learns choreography from the head choreographer for White Christmas, Becca Maniscalchi. Maniscalchi is a dancer at the University of Wyoming.

There are also four student choreographers, Scarlett Chavez, Hazel Homer-Wambeam, Braylen Bleak and Marie Andersen.

Each dance in the show has a lead choreographer, but all dances are co-choreographed.

Every Friday, Maniscalchi and fellow dancer Walter Taylor lead technique classes to help the students improve in different areas of dance.

They do abdominal workouts, exercises across the floor and learn different combinations.

Every couple of weeks, the style of dance that they work on changes. During the first few weeks of school, the cast was working on tap dance, and they now have moved on to jazz. They will later learn partnering dances (salsa, ballroom, swing dancing).

“I’m just excited to see us all improve,” Chavez said.

The main style of dance in White Christmas is tap dancing, so the cast has been working on their tap dancing skills.

“The amount of tap and the level of tap is pretty difficult to teach first time tappers, but they’ve got it down, and we are starting our next number on Monday, which is another advanced tap number,” Chavez said.

Because of the level and amount of dance in White Christmas, the cast does not only work on their dances during class time, but also sometimes practice during lunch, I&E, before school and after school.

The lead characters in the production are Homer-Wambeam as Betty Haynes, Braylen Bleak as Judy Haynes, Jaxson Cox as Bob Wallace, and Carter Sell as Phil Davis.

Other characters include Molly Bress as Martha Watson, Jacob Tufts as General Waverly, and Ruby Novagrodsky as Susan Waverly.

The cast of White Christmas is one of the biggest that the theater program has had as well.

“There’s so many people in the cast… there’s almost a hundred kids that are actually in the cast, that doesn’t include techs,” Homer-Wambeam said. “There’s going to be times when there are a hundred people on stage.”

The costumes for this production are coming from the University of Wyoming theater department, Disguises (a store where you can rent costumes for theater shows), and some are handmade.

White Christmas is also a very costume heavy show. “My character has so many costumes, I think at least 5 or 6 costumes during the whole show,” Homer-Wambeam said.

White Christmas takes place in 1954 during Christmas time. This can be seen through the costumes, dancing and music.