Laramie High School will be hosting employers four times throughout the year to give
students the opportunity to learn about different industries and opportunities.

These career days are part of the Plainsmen Pathways, a collaboration between LHS
along with the counseling department, and the Department of Work Services.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Ivinson Memorial, and community employers will
be a part of the career days.

“The goal is to provide hands on experiential opportunities for students to learn and
investigate career options after HS by industry,” Jessica Rasmussen said.

Career days began at LHS after Vocational Rehabilitation approached the counseling
staff at LHS about bringing something like this to the students.

“Through discussion, we were able to outline specific industries we wanted to bring in
and focus on,” Rasmussen said.

This was a very important aspect to bring to LHS. The career days benefits students by
giving them the opportunity to learn more about businesses and trades in their own community.
It also gives students access to careers and many options that they might not have been
familiar with before.

This year, there will be four designated days that employers will display their career or

The first day will be Oct. 10 and the industry of trades will be the focus.

The second day focuses on Healthcare, which will take place on Dec. 12.

On Feb. 20 the career day will focus on business technology and also on education.

The final career day will occur on April 2. This day will focus on art, public services, and
volunteer work.

“We have invited all Laramie High School, Rock River and Whiting High School
students and around 20 employers in the trades industry,” said Rasmussen.

Employers will talk to students about their industry’s career opportunities.

Topics related to their business and industry will be discussed while the employers are

They will be available for answering questions and show students what a typical day
looks like in their position. Any preparation and required training will also be available.

“Students will benefit by having the opportunity to learn more about the businesses and
trades in their community and what their options are post high school,” said Rasmussen.

It will give students access to careers and options that they may not have been familiar
with before. 

The event will be held during intervention and enrichment in the commons area. The first
day is on Oct. 10th .

If you are interested in going to this event, talk to your I&E teacher on Wednesday, Oct.
10. Request a pass to the commons area.