This year, at Laramie High School, four students initiated the #ihelpedakid fundraiser to help
children in need by selling stickers.

This group is raising money to buy supplies for Children’s Hospital Colorado.

H-INK, the name the group uses, is based on the last names of the students involved.

They are buying items such as books, toys and learning resources for children who are undergoing
procedures at the facility.

This cause was inspired by participation in the 100 Words organization which focuses on non-
profit service projects.

The group decided to start their own fundraiser and picked a cause that meant something to all of

With the help of Z Club, Arundathi Nair and her friends are selling stickers they designed for the

Each sticker is $2.00 and all of the proceeds go to buying items for the hospital.

“The design of the stickers is like a heartbeat monitor, but then it goes into a mountain range
since we’re in Wyoming and the hospital is in Colorado,” Nair said.

The sicker also includes the phrase Carpe Diem, meaning “seize the day” as a reminder for both
the children at the hospital and those who have chosen to help them.

Stickers are available in three colors. There is a simple black and white design, a blue that fades to purple, and a blue that fades to green. It also includes the #ihelpedakid slogan and the group’s name. 

A friend of Nair proposed the idea after thinking about what children could do while waiting for
surgery or during treatment and recovery.

H-INK will purchase the items themselves and deliver them to the hospital in person.

Z Club partnered with H-INK because they have a common cause.

“Who doesn’t want to help a kid? I think the kids will love receiving gifts from caring strangers,” Z Club sponsor Tamara Bretting said.

The members of H-INK chose this cause because it is helping people who are part of the

H-INK is planning to have a table in the commons in the next week or two to sell the remaining

Z Club partners with many groups with non-profit causes.

Students who are interested in joining Z Club are welcome to talk to Bretting.

“To be a member of Z Club, you need to want to serve and have the time to participate,” Bretting

Z Club meets at lunch on Thursdays in room 2051.