LHS Homecoming Changes

By: Emily Brinegar

This year, both the location and date of the Laramie High School (LHS) homecoming dance are different, due to sports schedules and booked facilities.

The LHS homecoming dance this year will be on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. In previous years, sports teams at LHS have been travelling on the day of the dance and often wouldn’t make it back in time. “This year we really wanted to make it possible for all students to go,” Junior Class Sponsor Danielle Halsey said.

Since the homecoming dance was moved to a later date, the date of the homecoming game was also moved. The game will take place on Oct. 5, which is also the same night as senior night. “I feel like it is going to take a long time, because both homecoming royalty and our seniors are going to be announced,” Senior football player Ben Martinez said,

Along with the date of the dance being changed, the location is different this year as well. In past years, LHS has held the homecoming dance at the high school, however this year, due to the change in date, the LHS facilities were booked for a separate event. Due to this booking, the homecoming dance will take place at the University of Wyoming newly renovated complex area at the arena auditorium.

The event that is taking place at LHS on Oct. 6, is the memorial service for Matthew Shepard.  “Considering Matthew Shepard”, will be performed by an Austin,Texas-based group. Many performances and events will be held between the dates Wednesday, Sept. 5 through Thursday, Oct. 25. According to UW Navigation, there will be a Grammy-winning choir, panel discussions, film screenings and receptions held for Wyoming’s 20th anniversary in remembrance of Shepard’s murder.

At the age of 22, Shepard was abducted by two men. As reported by Biography.com, he “…was driven to a remote area, tied to a split rail fence, beaten severely and left to die in the cold at night.” Shepard was a homosexual man who was often discriminated against.

The location of this year’s homecoming dance had a lot of thought put into it. It was made sure that the dance was someplace untraditional. “I think it’s super cool that the homecoming location is different this year. It’s going to be wild, especially since it won’t be at the high school,” LHS junior Sierra Soderberg said.

This year’s theme for the dance is space. “There will be stars, hanging lights, and planets everywhere,” Halsey said. The dancefloor is going to be the illusion of a black hole, it will almost feel like the floor is sinking. The theme for this year was decided by the Student Council.

As for rules, the same guidelines will apply this year, such as dress code, and expectations. More details and information about the LHS homecoming dance including ticket prices and reminders of the date and location, will be released the week of Sept. 25 to the 28.