The Laramie High School Choir is going to Austria over spring break of 2020.

The group will be going to Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich.

The trip will be taking place over the course of 8 days and 6 nights.

In those 8 days they will sing in 4 Cathedrals and castles.

The point of the trip is to learn about the culture of what is considered the center of music in

“The history of music is so incredibly rich there,” said Donna Solverud.

The group will be singing American songs.

“The Austrian audiences over there, they come, they love this concert series, and they love
American choirs, and American music,” said Solverud.

They will be doing some classical music to teach the students about the culture of the area.

The group will be taking tours of the towns that they are in.

Many of the tours will be music based because of the area and the group that is going.
One of the tours the group will be taking is of the town where “The Sound of Music” was filmed.
In this town they will sing in the cathedral where Maria Rainer got married to Georg von

The group will be touring the graves of famous composers, such as Beethoven, Heiden, and

They will also be going to the churches where these composers performed instruments such as
harpsichord, piano, and organ’s.

Being the center for music in Europe for many years Austria has many musical opportunities for
the students.

It also has many traditions based around the music of the area, due to how long there has been
music there.

“I’m hoping to do a little bit with the kids in teaching them some of the traditions of where were
going,” said Solverud.

The group will also go to Munich to tour some concentration camps in the area.

The tour guides will be translating for the group.

The first deposit is in November and they must get passports to travel to Austria.

The group will be going to Austria during Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebrations and will be doing extra music celebration because of this.

The point of the trip is to expose students to the roots of music.

There will be adult chaperones to help manage the students.

The group will be able to go to the Alps while they are in Salzburg.

They will learn music to sing and about Austrian culture