Sources of Strength is the only club at Laramie High School that spreads hope and help to

“Sources of Strength is a hope and resilience-based program, officially for helping with
suicide prevention, but they want to help build hope, support and strength for individuals but also
for our whole school community,” Nicole Bondurant says.

The club is targeting individuals that need help, but they also try to reach out to
the entire school in hopes of making it a better place.

Spreading positivity and hope is a large part of Sources of Strength.

To reach out to everyone in the school, the club spreads positive messages. Occasionally,
they put candy on every student’s desk before school along with a compliment.

The club tries to help everyone with any issues they may have.

“Anything from little problems to big traumas, the peer lead group is there to help,”
Bondurant said.

Sources of Strength is a peer led group and the adult leaders are there to help and for
support. The students are the ones who try to change the environment.

Sources of Strength focuses on shifting your mindset to thinking positively.

“The program is packed with not only helping others, but games and activities, not only
lectures when someone is blabbing at you,” Bondurant said.

This is the second year that Sources of Strength has been at LHS. Other schools around
Wyoming have been involved with the program for about three years.

There are many different sources groups around the city, including at the University and
the middle school.

At LHS, the club has displayed a trusted adult poster on the wall. Any student was able to
write the name of a teacher they trusted on a piece of paper and stick place it on the poster.
This helped to spread the knowledge of mentors and trusted adults that are around our building.

They hosted a stress reduction party with mindfulness activities, positivity notes,
sidewalk chalk, and positivity building activities.

The club is still in the planning stages of the year, but they have the plan to be more
interactive this year.

As for now, the members are going to do a presentation at the Latina Youth Conference
in October. They will also make a positive homecoming display.

In November, the members want to do a Grateful campaign. That is where they have
everyone in the school think about everything they are grateful for. This happens for a week and
at the end, there is a prize.

The club is hoping to get another national training with professionals from Denver.

“Watching people find their own resilience and own hope just through some of the
conversations and activities we have in here and then watching them spread it out to other places
and knowing that we’ve created a fun based support system that’s optimistic and positive and
offers solutions to a problem,” Bondurant said.

Anyone can join the club, all you need to do is to show up to a meeting. The meetings are
Wednesday’s at lunch.