The Laramie High School Nordic Ski Team may be able to start the 2018 season sooner
due to early snowfall in Colorado.
Coaches and team members hold a positive attitude towards this coming season.
New training plans and ideas have been worked up for the season.
Weather forecasts for this winter are predicting that the team will be able to get on the
trails sooner instead of having to utilize dry land practice techniques.
“I think it’s going be good. I have been training all summer. I’m ready,” Fletcher Hartsky
Current temperatures and weather are starting to cause excitement for many members of
the team.
As the days cool down, the athletes are getting warmed up.
It seems like the season is fast approaching.
“It’s kind of crazy. Like, a year goes by really fast. I’m really excited, especially since I
am going into my Senior year. I think we will have a lot of skiers. I think we’ll have a really
good team,” Chloe Jenkins said.
The first meet will be held in Casper, on the second weekend in December.
Even though there has been concern in the last several years about precipitation in
Wyoming, this year’s outlook is promising.
Coach Watson has been keeping an eye one the weather and trends look good so far.
According to the Natural Resource Conservation Service most of Wyoming is sitting
above 70 percent for precipitation levels, which is good for end of summer totals.
Nordic skiing is a great way to stay active in the winter months for any type of athlete,
but it can also be a life time sport for people of any age.
“Absolutely. I think it is one of the best life time sports you can do,” Coach Becca
Watson said.
Some athletes only participate in one sport each year which can motivate them to give it
their all.
“Yep. This is the only sport I play, so I put a lot of effort into it,” Hartsky said.
This dedication can lead to a long-term love for a sport.
Many team members have plans to continue to ski long after high school.

Athletes are expected to come in to the season ready to go.
“Nordic skiing takes a lot of out of season training, and a lot of cross-training. I expect
them to do a lot of hiking and running, biking, roller-skiing. Maybe, doing a fall sport like cross-
country or swimming so that they come in really being aerobically fit,” Watson said.
Doing a fall sport or some other kind of training before the season begins can mean less
work to get back into skiing.
It can also mean better times and runs because athletes won’t have to start from scratch
every season.
They can work on technique and speed instead of reconditioning their body.
All the planning and excitement so far is a good sign for a strong start to the season.

By Ruby Slyman