A Laramie High School graduate is helping push millennial’s to vote.

Annika Pelkey became involved with Forward Wyoming connecting with LeAnne Grapes, who is the creator and director, during the 2014 election.

After the election, she did not have a job, but Grapes kept Pelkey in her contacts. In the

fall of 2014, Pelkey came back to help and she collected commit to vote cards.

“The overarching goal is to make Wyoming a better place for millennials and to educate

people,” Pelkey said.

Forward Wyoming’s goal is to target millennials and urge them to get

out and vote. They try to spread knowledge about candidates, so that young people will be

informed about the candidates’ views and opinions.

Another goal of Forward Wyoming is to preserve the nature and land of Wyoming,

especially the areas surrounding the oil and gas industries. They are trying to ensure that these

private businesses don’t take over lands and destroy them.

Pelkey has spoken to many high school classrooms to educate young voters on how they

can become more informed.

Forward Wyoming targets people under the age of 40 because according to recent statistics in the Forward Wyoming website, only 15% of eligible voters under the age of 35 are expected to show up to vote in the upcoming election.

Pelkey is the head field organizer for high school engagement. She has spoken to many

high school classrooms to teach about what students can do to become more informed about candidates.

“Some people might think it’s useless to go into high school classrooms. From Mrs. Dale

I heard that only 6% of the Laramie High School population will be eligible to vote in this

election will be eligible to vote in this election, but I look at it more of a way to educate people

and get volunteers and more people involved in their communities,” Pelkey said.

Pelkey is trying to get the basic information out there to these students. In classes she

discusses where to register and how you can be eligible to vote.

“Anyone with an address and who is 18 is eligible to vote, and a lot of people don’t know

that,” Pelkey said.

On Sept. 21, they are hosting a millennial block party. There will be a place where you can

register to vote, live music from local artists, and food vendors. This event will be held at the

train depot from 5-8 p.m.

By Sarah Wallace