The LHS Sources of Strength club will distribute compliments with candy to the school.

Sources of Strength has come up with ideas to promote mental and emotional health at Laramie High School for a couple of years.

Each year, they come up with ideas on how to promote a reduced stress environment.

This year they have decided to spread their message by making hundreds of note cards with different compliments and attaching Hershey kisses to them with tape.

The club has done a similar activity in previous years, with the exception of the candies.

In previous years, the compliments were placed on each locker in the school; this year, however, they will leave one on each desk.

The change from lockers to desks is partly because some of the student body doesn’t use their lockers, and prefer to carry around what they need in backpacks.

The previous times they have done a similar project, it was a great hit, even if no one knew who had left the compliments.

Sources of Strength plans on distributing the note cards during finals week in an attempt to alleviate some stress from students by making them feel good.

The club members are volunteering their own time to put a compliment on every desk before school begins.

The students are not being rewarded in any way, other than seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they read the note cards.

“I hope to see people smile when they read our compliments,” Sources of Strength club member Carmen Leon said.

In preparation for the distribution of the compliments, club members have been in Nichole Bondurant’s room during their free time, writing and creating every compliment card by hand.

Members try to keep the compliments varied and colorful to make every individual at LHS feel unique and special.

Most students who are not a part of the club will not know who put out the note cards or who wrote them, making this project a thankless one.

Multiple club members have been working together in an attempt to complete hundreds of compliments before finals week.

They decided on this date because this is when students are most stressed and in need of an emotional boost.

The club hopes that they can provide the boost every student needs.

Sources of Strength has done other things in the past to promote mental and emotional health such as making a paper chain of compliments and having different examples of getting help in every wing of the school.

The club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Bondurant’s classroom to discuss how to improve student’s mental health and promote their club as a safe place for anyone to go to.

About seven students attend the weekly meetings with different club members attending at different times.

Sources of Strength is open to anyone who wishes to join at any time and does not make attending the meetings mandatory.