The Laramie High School AP Psychology classes are beginning their end of year projects.

The AP Psychology classes took their AP test last Monday and since the class is centered around preparing for the AP Psychology test, they have begun to wind down.

“Instead of wasting the last two weeks of school, we are doing our own projects,” senior AP Psych student Annika Pelkey said.

Each student was given a rubric with possible final project ideas and each one focuses on a specific unit of AP Psychology. Most projects are a mix of creativity or exploration and application of psychology.

“I’m doing my project on a specific serial killer. I’m going to look at their mental illnesses that may have led to the actions that they carried out. I’m also going to look at treatments that may have helped,” Pelkey said.

Students had to create their own rubric for the project outlining where points will come from and what exactly their project will be. The main requirements for the project are that it involves a presentation and it has 100 points worth of work. The rubrics were due May 11.

“I think it’s good we created our rubric because it gives us the freedom to choose which area we will focus on. It also helps us hold up to the project expectations because we created them,” senior AP Psych student Ani Briere said.

This project gives students another chance to use their knowledge from the past year and focus on what interests them most.

AP Psych students must complete their projects by May 18.

As well as doing final projects, the AP Psych classes are watching movies that are related to psychology. After each movie the class analyzes the elements of psychology found in the movie.

“I really like watching the movies because it gives me a really clear application of everything I’ve learned this year. It changes the way you see some of these movies. Before I didn’t notice some of the problematic actions and mental processes behind characters in movies,” Pelkey said.

AP Psychology students completed their main course on May 4. They spent most of that week going over psychological terms and notable people.

“I think that Mrs. Scimeca prepared our class really well for this test. Going into this class I had no knowledge of psychology. I think I have a pretty solid base now and I may even think about studying it in college,” Pelkey said.

The AP test has a multiple choice section that includes 100 questions which takes 90 minutes. It also includes a free response section which involves two questions with many parts. This part has a time limit of 50 minutes. The multiple choice section is two thirds of the overall score while the free response makes up the rest.

“The test went pretty well. I answered all of the questions and felt pretty confident on the free response,” Briere said.