Laramie high school students will compete against each other in intramural basketball starting next week after school.

LHS teacher Wacey Lym organized the games. Students will compete against teachers and other students on the court.

The games will be in the main gym at LHS from 7:30–9:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday and 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.

There are six student teams and one LHS faculty team signed up to play intramural basketball. Each team is only allowed to have 3 varsity basketball players.

The first few games are planned to be round robin style. This is where teams play against all the other teams even if they lose so each team gets to participate in an equal amount of games.

There will be an elimination tournament after the round robin and the seeds will be based off the round robin. The elimination tournament will have the championship game next Wednesday during Intervention and Enrichment.

“I think students like intramural basketball so much because it’s a nice balance between being competitive and fun,” Lym said.

The style of the games makes it to where students and staff can have fun and play casually but also get intense.

“I just play it like any other pick-up game,” LHS teacher Luke Andrews said. “I go out there to have fun and I don’t get too competitive. I enjoy playing against the students at this school and seeing how talented they are at playing basketball.”

Students and staff hoped to have Intramural basketball take place earlier in the year since many students are taking AP tests during this time of year and aren’t able to give up study time to compete.

The games got moved because of gym availability. The gym was unavailable for many weeks due to it being reserved for spring sports in the case of bad weather.

Last year’s defending champions, the Legends, are returning with most of their players and hope to defend their title.