The Laramie High School Modern American Studies class did a spy activity representing the Cold War last Wednesday through Friday, May 2-4.

The students are decoding a code that is telling you a clue to get to the place where the worksheet is at.

The worksheet must be completed for the missions to get one of the ranks 1st through 3rd.

This helps the understanding of what was going on after World War II.

Spies of America and Russia or Soviets were sent in to the other country and want to find out information about the military bases and information to tell if Russia was planning on bombing or attack US.

Modern American Studies wants to give real life activities that help understand the units.

Last semester they did a simulation about the Japanese and other immigrants coming to US for the first time.

This gave the students tests and people giving instructions in a different language so it was hard to understand what to do.

These activities helped the students grasp the idea of what was going on in these times of struggle.

Many countries went through hardships after the wars and showing these things intrigues the students at LHS.

Even more intriguing how the teachers are making it in to a composition and the winners will get a price.

Most students do have a competitive spirit so it gives the classroom a fun aroma.

All teachers that are teaching the Modern American Studies class are participating in this simulation.

Though not all classes are competing together, having the student become “spies” help the students actually do their work because of the environment.

 This trend of hands on activities has become popular among various of schools and classroom.

LHS will be seeing many of these activities for years and years to come.

Giving students these fun lessons really helps them with the understanding of the unit and what went on in history.

We do see this a lot in history and government classes but it would be useful in all classes around the school.

Field trips, activities, and experiments are all the same goal to help teach students the lessons in school.

There many types of learners in a classroom like visual and hands on. Most can’t learn from just reading out of a book.

As a teacher, they should know about that and be involved with how students learn.

The students like these things and enjoy it but also learn from it.

That is why this activity with the spies and trying to decode something and get to get out of the classroom really does help.

Again, the competitive nature and having a reward for learning is good for the students and teachers.

LHS is definitely going to be doing these again with all the positive feedback given by the teachers and students.