The Laramie Rangers baseball club is off to a slow start but look to turn things around as soon as they can.

So far this season the Rangers have started off 0-6. “It’s been a rough start, but we have been competing with every team pretty well,” Laramie High School Junior Ramon Gomez said.

The team is without four of their best players at the time, two that are participating in track and two others that are in college. Albert Steiner and Matt Smith are both LHS track athletes, while Blake Moore and Reid Baty attend the University of Wyoming.

The team practices everyday they can. On the rainy and snowy days, they will head into the clubhouse and focus on certain game situations and talk about things that they need to work and improve on.

Although the team is off to a rough start the players stay optimistic on what they can do this season. “I can see this team definitely making a run at the state title this year,” Gomez said

The team’s main goal this year is to compete with every team and at the end win a state title.

The team most definitely has its strengths and weaknesses. One thing the Rangers have that puts them ahead of the competition is experience. “we have almost everyone back from last year” Gomez said. Although that is good the Rangers, they often find themselves in slumps which lead to them struggling at the plate or making errors in the field.

“We have to play every game more consistently and not go into slumps,” Gomez said.

So far this season the Rangers have been competing with every team that they have played. Their largest deficit has been ten points but other than that game they have only lost by one to six points all season.

Head coach Brandon Ruckman joined in 2015. He is assisted by Tyler Mitchell and since 2015 has made great strides for the Rangers organization. For example, last year the Rangers took down Post 6 who has dominated the Wyoming American Legion Baseball league for the past decade.

The Rangers hope to get to where they were in 2011 when they won the AA Wyoming State Tournament. Many of the kids on the team have been playing baseball since they were six years old and have participated on club teams that play in big tournaments in Colorado.