A computer hacker gained access to the Albany County School District’s user accounts on Thursday, May 3.

Spam emails requesting a password reset were received by students, teachers, and administrators all over the district.

No one knows who was able to acquire access to the district website, but the technology department at Albany County School District was able to get the situation under control.

It is said that the hacker was a student and the student had the opportunity to disable accounts and passwords so admittance to the website was no longer an option.

Students, teachers and administrators were all getting very frustrated with the fact that they could not log onto computers to get their work done. These peers had a hard time working on important school material on websites such as Office 365 and Schoology where most of their work was either posted or created on those sites.

“It is very frustrating and a waste of time when I can’t log onto vital websites or even the computer itself since all access was denied,” junior Hailey Judd said.

A lot of people were very upset with this happening and complained to the administrators that this needed to be fixed immediately.

Laramie High School principal Chuck Kern got on this issue immediately hoping for answers and solutions.

The technology assistants were able to reverse the hack and create a new domain for students and users to access their accounts. New passwords were created to secure the accounts and knowledge of this incident will keep these accounts under better security.

“It was honestly just annoying, I had a paper to write and I couldn’t access Office 365, so I had to work on it longer than I wanted to. Teachers were lenient and gave us extra time to finish what we didn’t so that was nice, but I really do hope this doesn’t happen again because we are all students, we don’t have a lot of time to waste,” junior Audrey Rivers said.

The network is once again secure, and students have access with a protected background. The technology department was quick to fixing the problem because of the importance of technology in schools today.

It is unknown of who the student was that committed this foul play but Kern and administrators say this behavior is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated anywhere throughout Albany County School District.