Ah yes, 1990’s through the 2000’s. Pop Punk was at a peak, it was the source of many eye liner sales and teenage angst. But above all, it was the source of a very excellent era of genre. From Nirvana, to My Chemical Romance, to Blink 182, to Fall out Boy, to Panic! At the disco. We were given so many excellent bands. Yet, through time and a change in society and their preferred music, we have lost the touch of some of my (and many other peoples’) favorite bands.

The problem arises in the fact that these bands are morphing to fit what will fit was today’s dumb teenag- I mean….people, want. For example, Fall out boy. Their first ever album (Take me to Your Grave) was absolutely phenomenal. The tracks “Grand Theft Autumn” and “Tell that Mick He Just Made my To-do List Today” are bumped in my sick Subaru all the time. However, they’ve recently been coming out with some weird techno version of what was once Pop-Punk genius (R.I.P). Not to mention the fact that Bowling for soup has, essentially, just fallen off of the face of the Earth. They are remembered through the occasional Warped Tour. The point being, though, that Pop-Punk has fallen victim to the merciless wrath of profit munching music industry slaves. Does anyone remember Fall out Boy’s album Folie a Deux? It was awesome! It contained some of the best songs that the band has ever produced. But music like that just simply isn’t needed anymore, because a majority of people have moved on from that phase. However, I fear that I never will….oh no…..I feel the…the dark eyeliner….the band shirts….it’s seeping into my brain….get out you demons!!!…..Anyways, music is a very powerful source of happiness for so many people, and for some, this is what maybe got them through the day.

This what they remember when someone asks about their Junior High or High School days. All of this being said, there are even more bands that have fallen off of their original music style. Panic! At the Disco once had music videos that you could just expect their lead singer Brendon Urie wearing a top hat and some tight pants in. And now, it’s not quite the same. The band has calmed down a bit, taking on a more pop side of the spectrum, straying a bit from their punk background. Now, there has been much speculation as to why. In Brendon Urie’s case, they bring up the defense that perhaps they are simply growing as people. Straying from their genre a bit due to personal growth and change. However, there is also the concern that they are (or their managers) are seeking the money aspects of fame more than anything else. These bands would be bands like Fall out Boy, and even Iggy Pop.

The Godfather of Punk was once just a dude who liked the Blues. He then took his band in a different direction, as the rock genre began to grow. This may be an example that goes in the opposite direction, but it still applies. Point being, that it all happens too often that an artist looks back, and realizes that they switched genres originally for fame (even if they do end up loving it). However, some groups stick to their guns. Blink 182, Matchbox 20, Sum 41, Dashboard Confessional, and Green Day have all managed to hold on to their genres a bit more. Blink 182 just recently came out with an amazing new Album called “California”, which contains some pretty sick jams if I do say so myself. Their music may have altered a bit, but they still remain the same in the background of their genre, and the meaning behind it. Now, as for Sum 41, if you compare one of their first albums (“All Killer No Filler and Does This Look Infected?”) to their most recent album “13 Voices”, it is all still relatively similar, especially when the comparison is out into comparison to Fall Out Boy’s music. I suppose we should dive into the female side of Pop-Punk, eh? Yes, lets. Let’s talk about Paramore. When you compare some of their more popular songs like “Ain’t it fun” and “ The only Exception” to a newer song of theirs called “Hard times” You still hear Hayley’s very noticible hard core voice. However, the only thing that changed is the way the band is represented. Going for a more soft look with their new album “After Laughter”. In this, She’s ditched the dyed hair, and is just an everyday blond with some sunglasses (no hate, just what she did).

Now….dare I bring up Avril Lavigne? We’ll first just ignore the conspiracy theories that it isn’t actually her, that she passed away and “she” is actually just a doppelganger posing as her. But let’s just talk about the difference between the highly riveting and intellectual “Sk8er Boi” and the even more influential and life changing  “Hello Kitty”. Even 10 year old me with my tiny, clip-on iPod Nano wouldn’t have listened to Hello Kitty. It takes the Punk side of “Avril” and throws it down a frightening hole of Japanese Pop and regret. Where did my Sk8r Boi, go?? However, all of this being said, the smaller time bands did remain (for the most part) very much the same. For example, Dashboard Confessional. Their song “Punk Rock Princess”  will forever be my angsty anthem. Even in their newest album, they remain true to their roots, never failing to get me in my feels. Not to mention the fact that this guy is the lead singer of multiple bands, but we don’t need to get into those.

The biggest thing about Pop-Punk is that it brings a community together. It brings all these kids together, and they can be angsty together, rather than being angsty alone. And that is the biggest thing that i’ll miss about what was once Pop-Punk. It was the perfect segway into an amazing community of “crash queens and motor babies” (R.I.P My Chemical Romance). This all being said, listen to those old punk rock jams, listen to them real good. They are what have left of an absolutely amazing era of music. Perhaps one day, we might get them back. But the biggest thing, is that we all remember all of those bands for what they really were to us; life changing.P

By Kayla Prescott