On Thursday, April 26 the student kitchen at Laramie High School was inspected by the city health inspector and did not pass expectations.

Students that are in baking or cooking classes spent the rest of Thursday and onto Friday preparing the kitchen for the inspector to come back Friday afternoon.

“I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad,” culinary teacher Kassie Poncelow said.

The kitchen was rated with a D and no further food preparation was legally allowed.

Students were expected to throw out all the expired and exposed foods. No one was permitted to eat any of the food or beverage in the kitchen.

While some spent the hour clearing out the refrigerators, others took apart the stoves and ovens scraping them clean of residue. Each dish was carefully washed and made sure no side particles were left behind. Refrigerators were cleaned out top to bottom with a bleach substance following a sanitizer.

The dry storage area was freed from expired foods such as potatoes, oils, starches and other ingredients necessary to prepare various dishes.

“I never knew how gross it was and it makes me disgusted to cook in that kitchen. I really hated sweeping up all the beans and sugar from the floor and with the inspector coming, I hope we never have to do this again,” Kempter said.

Each student as well as culinary teachers were inspected to clean until the kitchen was legal to cook in again.

Mold and bacteria was the main reason of closure of the kitchen. Moldy food and expired goods took over the cooking style.

After the kitchen was prepared for a second check, students were content with their work. The inspector came to make sure the kitchen was at standards and he passed Laramie Senior High School Culinary Arts Kitchen with the ability to resume lesson and demonstration.

“The kitchen will remain clean and students as well as staff will be expected to keep this kitchen in top shape,” Poncelow said.