It’s that time of year again and prom season is finally here. Laramie High School’s junior and senior prom is coming up fast and students are excited.

   This years junior and senior prom will be taking place May 5 at the University of Wyoming’s Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center. The dance will be held in the Gateway Center’s ballroom. The dance will be starting at 8 pm and will go until 12.

   Before the dance, students are invited to participate in the grand march. The grand march will start at 7 pm and will also be held in the Gateway Center.

   Free parking will be available for students in the War Memorial stadium parking lot and in the indoor practice field parking lot.

   Chris Burry and Ally Franc are the head of the Prom Committee and are responsible for this years theme and sale of tickets.

   Student tickets for the event are $25 per person and will be available for purchase in the LHS commons until May 2. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

   This years theme for prom is “Light Up the Night.”

   “It’s going to be super cool,” senior class president, Amy Gabriel said. “The prom committee decided to set up these little twinkling lights all over the place and the ballroom has these massive chandeliers so I think it is going to look pretty neat.”

   Last years prom theme was “A Night in Paris,” and featured a giant Eiffel Tower which students passed under during the grand march.

   Food and refreshments for the dance will be provided by UW catering.

“The University has really done a lot for us in making sure that this happens,” Gabriel said. “Prom used to be over at the Hilton in one of their conference rooms so the gateway center is definitely a huge step up and were all really excited to be provided with such a great venue this year.”

   Students at LHS will be able to vote for prom royalty next week during their Intervention and Enrichment classes. The prom royalty will be announced at prom.
This years prom was organized by the LHS student counsel with help from the junior class sponsor Jeanie Mode.

   “Getting everything set up and organized for prom is just an immense amount of work and we’re all so thankful for the help that we get from Jeanie,” Gabriel said. “She does so much work every year making sure that everything is set up and ready to go.”
Mode has helped organize the LHS prom for many years and has been behind the scenes of almost every major high school dance.