The Laramie High School librarians are throwing an end of the year party.

“Not only book club members can go, anyone that fills out a sheet to show how many books they’ve read can go to the end of the year party as well,” LHS librarian, Elaine Eliot said.

Students pick up the “how many books I’ve read” sheet in the library.

Students only have to write down one book in order to go but they are encouraged to write more than just one book.

Students can write down any book they read, but it has to be within this year 2017-2018.

The books students write down does not have to be here at Laramie High School’s library, the books students write down can also be from home or from the Albany County Public Library.

The sheet of how many books students have read is like a ticket into the party.

“The sheet is due May 11 just like all of the library books and fines are due. We make the due dates all the same because we want to make it easier for the students to remember them,” LHS librarian Reesa Florom said.

This end of the year party is to celebrate the end of the year and to have fun.

The party is May 16, on a Wednesday, during I&E in the library. The library is closed to everyone except those people that are going to the party.

“During the party there will be pizza and there is a sign-up sheet to bring things to the party, we will provide drinks, pizza, and a salad though,” Eliot said.

The estimate of how many people will come is either 21 or 22 students because that’s how many went to the party last year.

The librarians have been doing this party every year for three years total and plan on continuing the party for many years to come.

There is prizes for the first five places for whoever read the most books this year.

The most books a student ever read is 423-427 through all the years she was at Laramie High School, but in a whole school year they read 287 books and they graduated last year.

There is going to be a lot of fun things to do during the end of the year party. The games are going to be a surprise because they do not know what they are going to do yet, but may consist of musical chairs and taking a popular book survey.

Another thing they will do is help students get a card at the Albany County Public Library, so they can continue reading during the summer.