The FFA team at Laramie High School attended the State Convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming on April 18-21.

The LHS team won six state titles including the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes title is
the overall state champion. 

State Convention is held once a year and the last time Laramie came close to doing this well was six years ago.

They won six out of the eleven total events which were Ag Issues, Ag Sales, Ag Mechanics, Meats Judging, Livestock Judging, and Vet Science.

“This year was amazing. In the past it has been fun, but to hear our chapters name called up so many times was just astonishing, it was just one after the other. The announcer would call up fifth place then fourth and third and second and we wouldn’t be called and we just knew first would be ours,” junior Kelcey Anderson said.

In previous years it has always been Casper that has won State Convention but this year was different. 

“Personally, convention has taught me to be open and meet new people. Being on the winning team is a dream come true. I have always wanted to go to the National Convention and now I have the chance to go and I’m beyond excited,” Anderson said.

LHS received second in Poultry Judging, Parliamentary Procedure, and Conduct of Meetings.
They also received third in Environmental and Natural Resources, and fourth in Extemporaneous
Speaking, Marketing Plan, and Agronomy.

The team also had members awarded a state officer position. Senior Kirby Hales was elected
president and senior Kyle Despain, vice president.

“I never believed it would happen. I have wanted to be a state officer since I was little so to be a
state officer let alone the president is an insane feeling that is still hard to believe,” Hales said.

Being elected for a state officer position entitles that FFA member to a large amount of

The job of an FFA officer is represent the Wyoming association as it is and put work in to benefit
it. They also fund raise for the association as a whole. In the fall the officers visit each of the chapters to see how they are doing and what they are doing to be a better chapter.

“Kirby and Kyle have worked really hard to get on the state FFA team. They are really good
leaders, and both have really outgoing personalities. They will definitely be really good in their positions as state officers and at getting chapters in the state more involved. They are also really easy to talk to making it very easy for them to have good leadership skills and they both have lots of experience talking in front of people and large crowds,” Anderson said.

State Convention was held over the span of three days and winning at State Convention means the
LHS FFA team has the opportunity to compete in Nationals which is held in Indianapolis.

In preparation for the National Convention the LHS FFA teams will do multiple fundraising
activities and have extensive practices.