Laramie High School’s Upward Bound is currently looking to recruit students.  

Upward Bound is a college readiness program under a government grant called Trio. 

Coletan Nutter runs the Upward Bound program for the students in this area.  

There are not very many requirements to get in the Upward Bound program. 

In order to participate you must have a 2.5 GPA. 

The program is for low income, first generation college students.  

“That means college students whose parents have never gone to college or that fall into the socio-economic bracket of low income,” Nutter said 

The hopes of this program are for participants to go to college and graduate from college.  

“What I want from them to take away from my program is to be able to understand the process of getting into, paying for and getting into college and high school,” Nutter said.  

This program is free. 

This program offers everything from application fees and testing fees so if you want to take another ACT you can. 

The program also pays for a bunch of field trips. They go to Elitches and they do a big summer program. 

During the summer program you get to live at the college and really get a feel for what college life is like.  

These field trips are supposed to prepare the participants for college. 

“We do a bunch of field trips and pay for a lot of things. Anything to prepare you for college, we pay for,” Nutter said.  

There is also a $40 stipend at the end of the month for anyone who keeps their grades above a 2.5 GPA. 

The program helps you to get into any college that you prefer. 

This program was first started by Lyndon B. Johnson and has been going ever since he has been president.  

While in the program you have to meet with Nutter for at least four hours. 

That can be arranged whenever you are available. 

This program takes place in room 1051 every day after school, except Wednesday and Friday, Nutter is available.  

Nutter’s office is in the Knight Hall at the University of Wyoming and he can see you there also.  

The tutoring sessions take place on MondayTuesday and Thursday, all these sessions are to help you and finish your homework 

“This helps me to keep up my GPA and get all of my homework done,” Jillian Zamora said. 

There are math tutors there to help you, if you are in need for help.  

“I started the Upward Bound when I was a freshman and it has helped me a lot,” Zamora said.  

This program has helped a lot of students strive to do better in their schooling. 

“This program has helped me a lot because they do tutoring sessions and take you to college trips, so you can think about college,” Zamora said. 

Upward Bound is a great program for low income, first generation college students who want to go to and graduate college.