Beitel Elementary School in Laramie WY participated in “Pizza week,” earlier this month.

During the Pizza week, students learned about pizza and all of the aspects of which, including ingredients and business.

“Students will be going to Dominos throughout the week on different days as part of the learning,” Beitel Secretary said.

Pizza is a very popular dish in America, about three billion pizza are sold in the US a year.

Americans eat about 251,770,000 pounds of pizza a year, and in such a business, a lot of money can be made; for example, last year, Dominos made 163 million dollars in revenue.

“My child is very excited for the Pizza Week,” LHS teacher, Emily Lamont said.

The trip to Dominos was rather informative for the kids, as the pizza industry has become so large and valuable.

Upon arriving at Dominos, the staff introduced themselves and asked the kids what they know about pizza as an icebreaker.

“We want the kids to feel comfortable,” Domino’s Manager George O’Hara said.

After the intro, the kids were taken to the fridge and learned about the importance of keeping the dough and cheese at the right temperature.

“It is important for these to be kept right for safety reasons,” O’Hara said.

From there, the kids went to the front and talk about customer service.

Dominos employees educated the students on the benefits of being respectful and serving with a smile.

The children were also shown where the pizzas are made and the oven they go into.

To finish, the kids got to make their own pizzas.

“We like to share our ability to make pizza and show that they can have a good time having a job where they are making food that they like,” O’hara said.

Throughout the rest of the week, students continued to explore the topic of pizza.