Laramie High School students are finishing up with their star’s unit and are now preparing for their midterm.

Over their stars unit the students were focusing on how to determine how far away a star is based on the stars luminosity or its brightness. This led into them discovering what a black hole is and the correlation between the stars temperature and its luminosity. They also focused on the types of stars in the solar system.

The LHS students have been studying this unit for around three weeks and are now starting to wrap things up.

LHS junior Roxy Martin believes that this course is taught very well by LHS science teacher Jacob Greenlee. “Greenlee also knows a lot about space and he could answer almost any question we ask so it’s nice and almost easier when you have a teacher with lots of knowledge,” Martin said.

The class has also been attacking other topics such as the history of astronomy and how people’s knowledge of the solar system and planets has changed over the years. They also went over the Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) which is the range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends and have also spent time focusing on the phases of our moon earlier this year.

Right now, the students are preparing for a big, and one of the only test that Greenlee assigns over the period of the semester. The test serves as a midterm or final in his class. The test will cover all the topics this year.

“I think the most interesting topic we have learned about so far this year is just how small we are in the solar system,” Martin said. “The Apollo Missions were also very interesting just because how old the missions are.”

First year LHS science teacher Jacob Greenlee is teaching Space Science along with Earth Science. He was a student teacher at LHS last year under Earth Science teacher Erin Klauk. Greenlee only holds a few tests in his space science courses but looks to projects and power points as substitutes.

Space Science is a semester science course that is offered to LHS students and is taught by Jacob Greenlee and Eric Weitzel. Space Science is the study of space travel and any exploration of space. Many LHS students will take this class along with another science semester credit to meet their graduation requirements.