The Laramie High School selected jazz members went to Greeley, Colorado for the Jazz Festival on April 21.

Jazz members of the jazz ensemble and jazz combo left early Saturday morning with the band teacher Chris Olson.

The band received a one on the scale for the event, the raking is one through five. In this ranking system, a one is the highest score you can receive in the competition.

“We got a one for the band ensemble, which is the best score you can get which is a pretty good feeling getting that,” Grant Howell Perkins said.

The people that signed up for the ensembles or bands played at either the USC college or the Moxi theater.

Anyone can enter in for the festival and the judges of bands and jazz will be there to point out your flaws for improvement and tell what you did good on.

Many bands come to show their skills and see where they can improve.

The LHS jazz has been going for many years and will continue to go in the upcoming years.

This is a great way to see where the bands are doing musically and it’s a great challenge to test themselves.

Band teachers in the region come to this with their students and do the same thing the LHS is trying to do.

Many other people not from school bands like being here as well.

The LHS band likes to go with their fellow band peers and their teacher.

Although some of the students just came back from New Orleans for the band trip this year they were excited and very happy to be there.

“It’s great going on these trips and hanging with my friends,” adds Perkins,  “Although it took up my Saturday.”

The band came back later that night with victory of the festival and were happy to be home from a long day.

The festival is actually a week long but since the occurrence of the New Orleans trip the band was lucky to get a spot at the end of the week.

It was a long event to take place in Greeley and the students loved it.

Even the junior high jazz band comes some years and plays there with teacher Richard Hopkins.

The band will be attending next year as well as many years to come.

“It’s cool to see all these other musicians that come and play in Greeley,” Perkins said.

For the rest of the year the jazz and symphonic will be practicing for songs next year, getting things turned back in, and having a few events of their own.

Also, will be having their annual band banquet on May 10th and will be serving food, giving out letters, and announcing the drum major for next year.

The band will be playing at the graduation on May 25th so they are getting Pomp and Circumstance and all will attend and play as a required performance.

This includes the jazz band but they will play without the seniors for they are graduated and will be missed by the whole band.