Laramie High Schools Audrey Rivers and Kendra Lyons are participating in Cheyenne Wyoming’s Beast basketball team.

Wyoming Beasts have only been in existence for a year. The team started spring 2017 and they had a very successful spring to summer 2017 season.

They are now ready to have an even better season as players all from all over Wyoming get together to compete out of state against other teams.

The coaches this season are college former basketball players, Marquelle Dent and Terrance Dent, who have both played basketball for Wyoming colleges.

The Beasts get around by getting sponsors. Some of their sponsors include Blue Federal Credit Union, Papa Johns, Laramie County Community College (LCCC), and US Bank.

This basketball club is a try-out type of game. In order to be on the team, you must have a specific skills level or else you wont be admitted on the team.

During try-outs they do certain drills which hit all angles of the basics needed to be a Wyoming Beast. Unlike high school it wasn’t all about running and speed, but more about skill and sportsmanship.

“This is a great opportunity for me to get scouts for college basketball. Basketball is what I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to go in college no matter where I go. If I don’t get the chance to do it then I’ll be able to live with it, but doing this club at least gives me that chance,” Junior Audrey Rivers said.  

With such a big opportunity comes a catch. This club is pricey, with the registration fee, a club fee and travel expenses this group adds up fast.

“In order to get money we have fundraisers, we have tried selling cookie dough for $15 a tub which makes about 40 cookies. Cold stone also has ‘Wyoming Beast Cold Stone Night’ where 20% of every purchase goes to our club. Some girls have even started GoFundMe pages,” Kendra said.

As a Wyoming team they play against many teams in the area. Since this group is so highly trained, they can travel beyond the state, to places like Arizona, Chicago, Nevada, and others.

Some tournaments have requirements which the team has to qualify for, like Georgia and some Colorado tournaments.

The basketball season goes from April, May, and July where they play games almost every weekend.