The German American Partnership Program is leaving at the beginning of June to spend a month in Germany.

The students of Nickolas Defrank’s German language class will spend a month Germany for a long standing exchange program.

The students of GAPP will spend most of the month living in the houses of their host families.

The first two weeks are spent observing classes at a German high school with their host brothers and sisters to see the differences in culture and education.

After the required observation time students will visit Rotenberg.  The town is known for maintaining it’s medieval aesthetics.

The next week is spent at a hostel in Berlin where they will visit museums, tourist attractions, and will spend the time at a concert at a local venue.

The final weeks spent in Germany will be with host families who typically take students to German activities on the weekend.

“So basically living in Germany, spending time with Germans, speaking German, doing things that a German would.  Pure unadulterated cultural exchange.” Defrank said.

Host families are selected from the members of the German side of the exchange program who visit the United States every other year doing similar activities.

The trip usually costs $3500, but due to flight discounts the cost is closer to $3000 for 2018.

“These two cultures, these kids, need to understand what it’s like outside of the US.  Particularly as Wyomingites, we don’t really have that opportunity very often. We’re completely landlocked between other states, and English is spoken about 98 percent of the time here, and that’s not the case with the rest of the world.”  Defrank said.

“When we go to Germany, we will hear Germans speaking German, English, as well as French, Spanish, you name it.”  Defrank said.

Teachers from both countries communicate frequently to plan out trips and compare personalities of German and American students for possible pairing.

Both countries recognize the stress of being in a foreign culture for a month and plan accordingly.

The first year of the exchange program was 1992, facilitated by David Miller.  

“I’m very happy to be continuing the tradition.”  Defrank said.

The goal of the program is to acknowledge and recognize foreign cultures as well as to establish international relationships for the future.