Laramie High School students in the Advanced Placement Government and Politics class presented projects on March 29 about a fictional presidential campaign that they prepared during class.

Students in the class were instructed to plan out how one would run for president. LHS social studies teacher Meghan Todd gave the students many weeks at home to research the path they wanted to take.

Students learned how to plan, platform and budget the campaign. They had to choose target groups of interest to prepare and deliver speeches to and create an advertisement budget.

Budgeting was a new perspective many students gained from this project. They learned about the federal laws restricting campaign spending and how to spend their money wisely.

“I got better at researching and learned a lot about budgeting and money involved in a campaign,” LHS junior David Zhang said.

Money for their campaign would go towards flying to a location with a target audience. They would also have to pay to create advertisements to spread around the area they wanted to speak at.

“The hardest part was definitely writing the budget,” LHS junior Ben Taboga said.

Students made up fictional characters and presented their campaign for candidacy in front of the class.

“It was a lot of fun because it gave us a lot of valuable insight into the campaign process and how things work,” Taboga said. “I thought it was a good project and I learned a lot from it. The part that was the most fun was coming up with the advertisements.”

Todd allowed her students to work in groups for the project.

“The candidate we ran was Robbie Rotten, a former character of a TV show called Lazy Town,” Zhang said. “The actor Stefan Stefansson is an amazing guy who is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and loves everything he does.”

Todd’s class will continue with public policies. Students will learn about federal spending and federal income. Policies are decided by the president making a request to congress and congress will take this into account as they decide their budget resolution.