The Laramie High School Advanced Placement (AP) French class took a trip to France this past spring break for five days.

The class went with LHS French teacher, Dianne Thompson.

“I try to guarantee a trip every year, to ensure that most my students get at least opportunity to go to France,” Thompson said.

The ability to go and experience the cultures of another country are something that the French department highly anticipated, as trips went from every four years, to a whopping every year.

The staff at LHS appears to be very dedicated to ensuring that its students have chances to experience what they are learning, therefore the France trip is a right of passage to the French curriculum.

“When you’re in a foreign language class, you can’t really learn it as well as you can as when you travel and experience it,” Thompson said.

This demonstrates the school’s value on education and how to apply that to the outside world, while also allowing their students to be exposed to new things in the world.

The students appeared to be very excited about this trip, with beaming smiles in photos taken of them by the various landmarks they traveled to during their vacation (or learning experience).

“If language students have the opportunity to see what they’re learning, I always tell them that they should take it. You can learn more in a week there, then you could in a month in class,” Thompson said.

While it was a rather short trip of five days, the group of five people (including four students) saw many popular attractions and indulged in the French culture.

“We went to Paris, as well as visited two castles about 45 minutes south of there. We went to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, including the Mona Lisa, and other places in France that everyone just needs to see,” Thompson said.

All of these attractions were so lovely, but with it being a simple spring break trip, there was, in fact, limited time when travel was accounted for.

For this trip being so short, it was highly important to pack all of the most treasured things most commonly associated with tourists in France, in three days.

“We took everything that they needed to take away from the trip, and we pushed it into three wonderful days…however, they were quite jet lagged,” Thompson said.

The French students that went on the trip took away from the trip a great deal of information about the culture and language that they are learning, as well as memories.

This was especially important for their class, since their trip last year sadly had to be cancelled.

“Since the trip last year was cancelled, I decided that we should take just the seniors on a quick trip to France over spring break,” Thompson said.

The trip for the class next year will undoubtedly anticipated by the younger French students after hearing about the senior’s trip that they shared together.  

 The French classes that will follow will be in for a treat when they have the opportunity to travel with Thompson for their trips to France.