The Laramie High School boy’s golf team wrapped up their first spring tournament as two plainsmen place in the top three.

Tate Noble placed first with a score of 76 while senior Colby Clay placed third with a score of 80 in the Sidney, Nebraska Invite.

Clay has been with the program since he was a freshman while Noble joined this past year.

“It feels so surreal having this be my last season playing for our school. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was a freshman just starting my high school career,” Clay said.

While Clay has been with the program since the beginning, he has two new coaches his last season of LHS golf, Coach Logan Spence and Wacey Lym.

“Coach Spence is a good coach. He communicates well with his players and has had experience being the JV coach under Aegeter but still brings his own style of coaching. Coach Lym is also a great coach having played golf in high school and basketball in college, he knows what it takes to take your talent to the next level,” Clay said.

As for any sport, it takes time to adapt to being under a new coaching staff. To be able to listen to new guidance is the first step to reaching the end goal to be becoming a successful team for years to come.

“I think that we can be successful since we have a young team. It’s more of a building year and getting the younger guys some time on the course and experience in tournaments is what we need to do in order for them to become successful,” Clay said.

The boys are used to limited practice time considering that the weather won’t always cooperate in the spring time.

Although the players practice as often as they can, each practice is a learning curve for the coaches as well. Whether it is new techniques for the players or a new approach on practice, each day is different for both the players and coaches.

“Even though it is their first year in the program they have been successful keeping the team together and developing the young players on our team,” Clay said.

As far as the rest of the season goes, the team has around six tournaments left before heading to conference, weather permitting of course.