Laramie High School band students will be leaving for New Orleans, Louisiana this Thursday morning to learn about the culture and history of music.

After months of preparations, planning and fundraising, students of the LHS band will be leaving for New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans has a huge history of music and is especially famous for being the birthplace of Jazz. The band students going on the trip will be seeing band performances ranging from the impromptu street performances to the professional performances on the stage, they will even be performing themselves.

Most of the band will be participating in the Loyola University Band Festival, where they will be able to work with experts in band. As they perform they will be critiqued on their skills and can learn from the guest experts and professionals. Not only will they be able to perform themselves, but they will be able to listen to other professional bands play at the University.

The LHS Jazz band will be playing at the WWII museum. The smaller combos within the band will be playing at Mardi Gras World and there may possibly be playing in impromptu street performances.

When the band isn’t performing, they will be sightseeing around New Orleans and learning about the history of band music and jazz music within the city. One of the places they will also be eating at is the famous Café du Monde, French for, “Café of the World.”

After all the sightseeing and performing is finished, they LHS band students will be returning to Laramie Monday evening. They will be able to discuss and talk about the things they have learned during their time in New Orleans and apply the musical things they have learned to their musical ability and performances.

Previously, the choir, orchestra and band have traveled all over the country and to some other parts of world to learn the about the culture and the music within. Some of the places they have collectively traveled are New York, Ireland, Washington D.C. and now, New Orleans. The Orchestra will be going to Ireland next year and hopefully the musical groups at the LHS will be able to continue to travel and learn about the cultures and music of other places across the country and around the world.