The Laramie high school soccer season has finally started. The season has started slowly for the plainsmen with a devastating first game loss against the Kelly Walsh soccer team. The game remained scoreless and both offenses struggled to get past the defense. Within the last three seconds of the game, Kelly Walsh scored ending the game 1-0 over the plainsmen. The next game was Friday march 24th and the plainsmen took the win over the Gillette Camels. The plainsmen won with a score of 3-0. Saturday, March 25th the plains men played the Sheridan Broncos. It was a tough game for both the plainsmen and the Broncos. The score remained 0-0. For the first half the plainsmen battled to keep the ball out of the plainsmen goal. For two halves the score remained 0-0. The game later went into overtime and both teams struggled against each other’s defense. In the end, the plainsmen ended up tying with the Kelly Wlash Broncos.

With a 2-1 record, the lady plainsmen are off to a slow start as well. They are currently in 5th place behind Campbell county with one win. They lost to both Kelly Walsh and Campbell county. On Saturday, March 24th they got their first win of the season against the Sheridan Broncos. They out played the Broncos and had a 7-0 lead by the end of the game.

Both the men’s and lady’s soccer teams have a lot of potential to do great things. The only thing is they need to communicate with each other.

For the women’s soccer standings central is in the lead followed by thunder basin and east. If they can beat central they can nock off the number one team in the state. They have the skills and talent to compete with these teams.

For the men’s soccer team their current standing is in 4th place behind Campbell county. the top team to beat this year is central. The current state standing are central in first with a 2 game victory, east in second with a 2-1 record, Campbell county with a one win streak and Laramie in 4th with one win, one loss, and a tie against the Broncos. With more effort and more practice both the men’s and women’s team can gain the state title.

The next game both teams are going to play is against Natrona County. the games will be held in Natrona, on Tuesday March 27th.