Laramie High School’s 2018 golf season started on Monday, March 26 with the first practice later that day, and every weekday until the season ends.

For the first few practices the team will be using the driving range to warm up for this new season. After the rest of the golf course opens, the team will begin playing the game and practicing  specific skills.

“We do a lot more practicing skills than actually playing the game,” senior golf player Kalob Mikesell said.

Every part of the course will open on April 2 at the Jacoby Golf Course, which is when many locals head down for a game of golf.

Laramie’s Golfers will also be leaving to Sidney, Nebraska on April 4th for a tournament.

In the meantime, the golfers are working on what they are having trouble with in preparation for the tournament.

“Putting, or your short game, is always the hardest,” Mikesell said.

Putting is a high accuracy activity, skills such as chipping and putting are regularly practiced to make the short game easier.

“Not taking my time and visualizing where my shots will go is my biggest mistake,” Mikesell said.

Mikesell said there was a big difference between aiming your shots, and seeing where they would go. These small things can change the outcome of a game, which is why Mikesell is working on them diligently.

“I tend to slice my drive and miss putts most,” junior Zavier Peterson said.


“The most frustrating part is that you have to deal with the sliced drive, and that not much will help,” continued Peterson.

Slicing is the golf term for when a shot veers to one side or another, which can happen due to wind or the levelness of the course.

These problems are examples of why the coaches are there to assist students when necessary and help them work on their skills.

Logan Spence, and Lym are Laramie’s golf coaches.

Mikesell said the coaches helped his technique, but he did not see improvement until he adapted to the new method.

Peterson disagreed, saying he did not benefit much from coach intervention, and the skills he has trouble with cannot be taught by a coach.

“The coaches had favorites, so some people would get more coaching than others,” Mikesell said.

Despite this, Mikesell said he is still hoping to improve over the course of this next season, and is excited to get back in full swing.

“This is my last season,” Mikesell said, “I can’t wait to see how it goes.”

According to Keiser University’s school of golf, the most common mistakes for golfers is too swing too hard, and to not take the time to make a fluid shot. Swinging too hard will make your shots inconsistent and inaccurate.

Golf is deceptively simple, and the players made it clear how much finesse and technique is required to play the game well.

“The most difficult thing about golf is making people understand that golf is a sport, and it is difficult,” Peterson said.

The challenge of golf is something which makes it interesting. Difficulty is something the players embrace, and is why each season leads to a process of self-improvement.