Last Thursday, the Laramie Jazz choir, known as the Accabellas, went to the University of Wyoming and competed against other schools from around the state. The competition is held every year at the University of Wyoming.

Each group that was performing got 30 minutes in a practice room to warm up and work on their music before they

After, each group got 30 minutes on stage including set up and tear down of instruments, and if there was extra time they got a clinician to work with them the rest of the 30 minutes.

All bands and choirs were judged by two different judges that judge separately, and so each team gets two scores.

The Accabellas got a score of superior and superior, which are the best scores you can receive.

They performed, a jazz standard called “Devil may care”, “All the things you are” by Jerome Kern, and a jazz version of “Unwriten” by Natasha Bedingfield.

“Now, with [the freshman choir and Plainsmen singers], since we do have a jazz choir, those will be your traditional choirs,” choir director Donna Solverude said.

In previous years, the Plainsmen Singers represented the LHS during the jazz festival but since LHS added new choirs this year including the Accabellas, who focus solely on jazz, the Plainsmen Singers have stopped singing as jazz festivals.

“That is kind of why I created a jazz choir, because a lot of kids in plainsmen and those other groups aren’t in there to sing jazz and don’t particularly enjoy jazz,” Solverude said.

The Laramie High school was also represented by the jazz band that went on Friday and they received a score of superior and excellent.

Some clinicians include: Kenyon Brenner, Brad Dawson, Ryan Fourt, Jenna McClean, and Peter Sommer.