Last Friday, the Laramie High School Chemistry classes got a taste of a different learning style when they got to make s’mores to learn about stoichiometry.

The chemistry teachers at LHS like to give their students the opportunity to learn by doing hands on things rather than just reading from text books.

“We came in, and it just smelled like candy,” junior Addie Steinke said.

Before getting the opportunity to make the s’mores, students had to fill out a worksheet that explored the scientific aspect of the lab, including a so called “chemical formula” on how to make a s’more, along with having to calculate how many they could make given the amount of supplies they got.

The students were using the lab to learn about stoichiometry, which, according to is “the relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ratio of whole integers.”

“I know not everybody thinks like this, but for me, I’m a kinetic thinker. Doing hands on activities really helps me to learn,” Steinke said, “Also, who doesn’t love s’mores.”

While many of the labs that students participate in may seem silly or uneducational, students still have to follow the steps of a proper scientist. Doing labs that are hands on makes students more excited to learn about the concepts.

According to, there are many benefits to hands on learning activities. Students have increased retention of the material, it can help reduce safety hazards for the students, gives students advanced problem solving skills and appeals to all kinds of learners.

The chemistry classes have performed several labs throughout the year to learn about different areas of chemistry.

Several of the previous labs they have performed include disintegrating a gummy bear, mixing acids and bases to measure the gas level, lighting soap on fire, and made so called “elephant toothpaste”.

“Science is amazing,” Steinke said, “and it’s so amazing to see the way that things interact with each other and with the world around us. Learning about the way the world works is one of my favorite things to do.”

The classes don’t perform labs for everything they study, but wherever it can enhance the learning experience they do whatever fun stuff they can.

While the chemistry class does involve a lot of book work, most students think that the labs and unique learning experiences make the class fun.

Chemistry isn’t the only class that performs labs to enhance students educational experience. Other science classes like Earth Science, Physics, and Ecology also do labs involving their science type.

Some social studies classes also perform labs and simulations in an attempt to help students understand historical concepts better.