By Rachel Hogan

Students at Laramie High School are organizing a “March for our Lives” for Saturday March 24th in downtown Laramie at 11 am to protest gun violence not only in schools but across the country also. The March is also raising support to push for gun reform.

Nichol Bonduraunt is the teacher sponsor of the march, but it is independent and not a part of any club. A few students have organized most everything to do with the march.

The group plans to meet in downtown Laramie in the 1st street plaza at 10:30 Saturday morning, and will then march at 11. Once they are finished with their march, the students will stop and rally with signs and peaceful protesting.

Once the rally is over, students with cars have the opportunity to paint and design their cars with things involving “March for our Lives”. They will also be able to carpool to Ft. Collins, Colorado to take part in a much larger “March for our Lives” march.

Many of the students were given tasks to perform before the event to help ensure its success. Senior Isa Lee was given the responsibility of contacting people in positions of power and inviting them to the rally.

She has contacted several political leaders including both of Wyoming’s senators, the Mayor and Vice Mayor, and the commissioner’s office. Several of the figures have agreed to come to the rally, and many others have shown interest in attending.

Despite what many people believe, the purpose of the march isn’t to protest guns. The goal is to stop gun violence.

“We want gun reform not gun control,” said Lee, “We are a state of people who love hunting, and that’s a part of our culture. We don’t want to take that away, we just want something to make our country a safer place.”

Students are also working to help others who may be struggling with a mental illness aside from the “March for our Lives” movement.

“We want to work towards getting rid of the stigma involving mental health that ‘it’s not a real thing’ or ‘it’s just someone being a teenager’. We really want to work towards better care for students that have depression or anxiety and looking for a solution. We want a compromise. An end to gun violence not an end to guns,” said Lee

While it is not directly sanctioned through the school, there are also many students who are going to Fort Collins after the rally to help effect even more change.

Students who want to attend that rally can speak to Bonduraunt to figure out the exact times.

Sources of Strength may continue to organize other ways to protest, depending on the success of this rally.

Any students who wish to join the march can speak to Bonduraunt or Jason Lee, one of the LHS counselors. There are always thing that they need help with, and they want to have as many students at the rally as possible.