The Laramie High School debate team attended the National Qualifiers in Lander, Wyoming.

12 members of the team attended, all of which had a great time, and one LHS student even qualified for nationals.

“The events that I did were Senate, Foreign Extemp, and Public forum. Out of those, I placed in Foreign extemp, which I will be competing in in Nationals in Florida,” Says Senior debate member Robin Gloss.

It is rather difficult to get into Nationals in Speech and Debate, so this is an especially huge victory for this High School Student.

“Yeah boy, straight wins for days!” Gloss shouts, with pride in her performance in the competition.

With every sport or team, there are going to be tragic ends.

“The hardest part for me was definitely that this was the last time I would be competing with all of my Debate friends from around the State,” Gloss said.

The speech and debate team is certainly an excellent way of getting out, and meeting new people who love debate just as much as you do.

“Meeting all of these new people, and getting to know them both in and out of the debate season was pretty lit,” Gloss said.

The team also provides students with a way of preparing for tasks in life that require public speaking, critical thinking, creativity, or political confrontation.

Tools such as these are often recommended in High School settings, for the sake of scholarship opportunities.

Robin Gloss provided us with a scope into the light of what Debate has done for her, in terms of these benefits.

“I can write essays like nobody’s business, and being able to speak in front of people without being terrified is a huge bonus,” Gloss said.

Robin the unexplained that not all Universities have debate teams,

which creates some speculation considering considering debate teams look so wonderful on college resumes.

The real question is, how many students will actually utilize the opportunity to be on a Speech and Debate team, and who will miss out on that great opportunity?

That was not an issue at this year’s National Qualifiers, considering the fact that there were a whopping 25 teams from different schools attending!

The school’s Speech and Debate team has certainly improved over the school year in order to get where it is now.

In the past, LHS has very limited people attend the competition. This year, however, there were 8 more students in attendance from our school.

“We credit a large amount of our success to both ourselves and to the fact that we now have an extra coach. This way, everyone gets a chance to get the help that they need.”

The team has grown with a new coach as well, creating a stronger team dynamic and bond as well.

“With the new coach, the team is much less stressed, and can actually enjoy each other’s company. Which of course made this 3 day long tournament a lot more fun. I think it is certainly important to develop a team bond. Now more than ever,” said Gloss.