An art class at Laramie High School is doing a project with art buttons.

The students are making these buttons because it counts towards their sumi-e unit final in art teacher, Shelly Miller’s foundations art class.

The average amount of buttons a student makes is about two.

“You can make as many as you want but Ms. Miller is running out of materials for the buttons,” Malissa Munoz said.

The materials the students needs to make a button is a button maker, plastic sheet, and most importantly they need their art piece.

On the buttons the students can have any design they want, but for the most part students make sumi-e buttons.

“The art buttons, in my opinion, is a well liked project. It helps the students express themselves in a creative way,” Munoz said.

The students do get to keep their buttons, but if they are in the class Miller grades them for the final before the students get to keep the buttons.

“The people who can do these art buttons are mainly in her art class but I’m sure if you ask Ms. Miller will let you make one because she is a very nice person,” Munoz said.

The students make the art buttons in Miller’s room, number 1054.

The art buttons take about two or three minutes to make.

First, the students use the stencils to cut out their art pieces.

Next, they move the bottom of the button maker all the way to the left and place the art piece in the slot.

They then put a plastic cover on top and move the bottom of the button maker to the middle and press down. This process makes the art piece stick to the button on top.

After those steps the students move the bottom of the button machine all the way to the right and they load in the metal pin.

Lastly the students push the machine back to the middle and press down and they have a button.

The students can do other things for their final as well, it does not just have to be the art buttons.

The students are allowed to do a bowl that was made by them with sumi-e on it or a picture with sumi-e on it they could do whatever project they want as long as it has sumi-e on it.