The Laramie High School DECA club has been searching for sponsors to help fund their trip to nationals this upcoming April.

DECA is a club that Laramie High School offers to their students. DECA is an international association that involves marketing, management, and entrepreneurship in business and finance.  

This club is popular at Laramie High and has seen success in recent years. LHS has sent students to nationals before, but this year they plan to send 11 students in total. The national competition will be made up of those who did well at the state level.

Laramie High School Junior Ben Taboga mentioned how him and many of his DECA teammates have been going out in the Laramie community looking for sponsors. “We have been going to a lot of small businesses in town,” Taboga said.

So far, the club has rounded up 12 sponsors and will continue to search around Laramie for more support. The more sponsorships they receive, the less money DECA members must provide out of their own pockets. 

The sponsorships are to help fund the travel for the team. They will be heading to Atlanta, Georgia this year to compete in the DECA  International Career Development Conference (ICDC). This competition will be filled with all the top competitors from each state. 

The team is feeling confident heading into nationals and they are looking to go out and perform to their very best. They want to represent Laramie High School as well as they can. “I can see us doing very well as a chapter and as a state,” Taboga said. “I predict that we will put two to three people in the finals at the national conference.”

The team is filled with a lot of younger members this year, but they feel like they can still compete with any other team. “Although we have a very young team, we are filled with some very talented competitors,” Taboga said. 

Arundathi Nair (left) and Alhena Islam (right) work on a roleplay at the state DECA conference. Both students qualified for ICDC.

ICDC will be held from April 21-24 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

The event will be host to high school students from all over the country. There will be close to 18,000 people that will come together to develop knowledge and skills that students can use as they enter college and their future careers. 

This year the event will hold competitive events where DECA members will demonstrate their college and career knowledge and one lucky member will be crowned as an international champion. 

ICDC will also host an event called the Emerging Leader Series, which is very popular. In this event, members will attain 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. 

The event also holds college and career exhibits that allow the team members to discuss possible post-secondary studies and careers. The event is held to bring the top competitors together to culminate a successful DECA academic year.