Mrs.Masters and her personal finance classes here at LHS, are looking at how to survive on a salary-based budget in their own imaginary life.

Like Mr. Hoggsett’s and Mrs. Reynders’ Algebra 3 class creating “The Game of Life,” Mrs. Masters’ class decided to see what it would be like to create a life based off a salary of their career choice. The Game of Life is the exact same thing but instead of choosing what career you want you are given an annual salary as well as the amount of debt you are in.

The class itself is self-explanatory, the words practically describe themselves. Throughout the semester students will learn how to manage their own finances in a smart manner.

In this particular unit, it leads the students to see for themselves how important it is to have a budget that works for them along with the other aspects life throws at them.

“I thought the activity was pretty helpful because it kind of outlines how much it actually costs to live on your own,” senior Zach Heil said.

Students were given the opportunity to choose the career they wanted to be in and with that annual salary were then made to figure out their monthly budget and expenses to leave them with a zero-based budget. A zero- based budget is when all your expenses add up to your budget leaving you with zero dollars left over.

As for anyone, it can be hard figuring out the next step of your life especially financially. Finding the right career path that fits into all your wants and needs can be stressful.

“I think I can survive off the salary of a labor worker because they make an average of $40,000 a year, so as long as you’re smart with your money it shouldn’t be too hard to do,” Heil said.

While figuring out their budget, students were given choices on how much they wanted to spend on certain things like meals out, type of car, the niceness of their house, and other things that we subconsciously think about without realizing it.

This activity really gave the students an opportunity to try and live on their own without the help of anyone. It was like a reality check for some who didn’t think growing up would be like this.

“It made me realize that becoming an adult wasn’t all that I thought it would be,” Heil said.

While experiencing a little dose of the real world, students took away something more than just being scared. They are some of few that can calculate their finances as well as create a budget that is designed just for them to help them succeed in where they want to go in life.