The Laramie High School Golf team has a positive outlook for the upcoming season and the team is starting the season off strong.

The golfers have been preparing for the season by hitting in the indoor golf simulators during the week.  

LHS golfers are looking forward to the spring season because it is easier compared to other seasons which makes the golfers feel good about the upcoming competitions. The season is shorter compared to other golf seasons which helps the athletes stay locked in and get focused.

“I think my team will do good this season. It might take one or two tournaments to get back into the feel of things but then I think we will place good at state,” LHS junior Kenzie Yeend said.

One concern golfers have for the season is that during the spring there are only a few tournaments to prepare for the conference so there is no room for error. However, the team is not that worried because everyone will start to get comfortable once the tournaments start and they get a feel for the upcoming season. 

The toughest competitors for LHS this season are the Cheyenne teams since they have the same kind of golfing style as LHS.

During the season the LHS golf team practices everyday depending on the weather or they practice inside if the weather starts to become too bad. During practice the team practices hitting on the range but the team likes it most when they can go and play some holes because it gives them the tournament feel that they do not always get.

One weakness the team is trying to improve on is putting. They would like to do it more often than they usually do during the season.

Before the team is about to compete, they hit a couple shots before they do their first round so they are warmed up but not too tired for competition.

A challenge the team faces is when the weather is bad it can affect the performance of the team. The wind sometimes pushes the ball in a different direction and the team always has to be aware of the speed and direction of the wind when they are competing.

When the team has a bad round they are really good at comforting each other and they try to prepare each other for the next round.

“The best thing about golf is probably being able to play with good teammates, and just playing a sport that I have played since the since the fourth grade,” Yeend said.

A goal for this season is placing at conference and performing well at state. The team feels confident about this season and are focusing on staying positive and getting to state.