Laramie High School’s woodworking teacher, Sean Dovey, team ropes with Mike Flanigan at The Flanigan Ranch just southwest of Laramie one to three times a week.

Dovey and Flanigan crossed paths at a grocery store a few weeks ago where Flanigan invited Dovey to come out to their ranch anytime he wanted to rope.

“I told him I didn’t have a horse anymore and that I hadn’t roped in ages and he said it wasn’t a problem that he had eight or ten horses that his hired hands would have saddled and warmed up by the time I got there,” Dovey said.

The Flanigan ranch is home to many well-trained horses. Dovey had not roped in years and had never been on horses as experiences as that of Flanigan’s ever in his life.

“They were a bunch of four and five-year-olds that Mike bought last year for a lot of money and has just been roping on them by himself, a lot especially since he and his wife divorced,” said Dovey.

In Dovey’s previous years of roping, he has gone to numerous rodeos and ropings and has won prizes of money, saddles, and buckles.

Dovey has competed in other events when he was younger but has stuck with team roping because it is the most common event you can find to enter.

Dovey is a single man and finds himself with a lot of extra time outside of teaching at LHS and woodworking.

Aside from roping with Flanigan, he also likes to hunt, fish, go to Florida, and visit his daughter, and only child.

Dovey also visits his parents who are traveling rodeo photographers; his father also is a team roper.

“Now that I’ve gotten a little bit older and just rope and don’t think about it so much I do so much better. It’s crazy how after roping for so many years and then being off for a while your muscle memory picks up and acts like you never quit roping in the first place. I probably ran 12 steers and didn’t miss one of ‘em” said Dovey.

Team roping at the Flanigan Ranch has given Dovey a positive attitude, which he believes has helped him inside and outside the classroom as well. Dovey’s students have noticed him being a lot happier lately too.

Dovey’s career at LHS as a teacher has forced him to slow down as a roper but he says he plans and hopes to pick back up a little when he retires from teaching.

Dovey plans to purchase himself another horse again instead of using Flanigan’s and compete again.