A Laramie High School student is working to organize a school walkout due to the school shooting in Parkland, FL.  

LHS junior Isabel Vialpando has been attempting to get her peers involved in the protest.

“I’m trying to push to arrange a walk out because in my opinion, a walkout during school will cause more chaos which may help us have our voices heard just because we are disrupting a lot,” Vialpando said.

Getting people involved is a challenge for Vialpando but she stated that since some people have the same mind set as her, more and more people are coming to her and asking to be a part of the walkout.

There are a few reasons as of why she is organizing the walkout. She has strong beliefs on gun control and supports the victims and families of those wounded or deceased in mass shootings.

“If people know that their friends or teachers will be involved they are more likely to join in just because of peer pressure,” Vialpando said.

 People have been coming up to Vialpando to write articles and spread the news to get more people involved.

“There have been rumors told that the walkout will be planned to take place on senior skip day which is sometime in mid to late April,” Vialpando said.

Vialpando believes that having the walkout will help more people get on the same page. Even though the walkout will be mostly high school students, it will help get more townspeople involved.

If Vialpando can get the University of Wyoming involved, the walkout will have a greater impact on the community.

“Numbers right now are iffy just because I’m speaking for myself and those who share the same views that I do,” Vialpando said.

Vialpando wants to make a difference and hopes that half of the school’s population will join in on the event, even if students participate in order to get out of class or to do what their friends are doing.

The number of participants grows higher by the day and Vialpando hopes the goal number will be reached by the scheduled day of the walkout. She is anxious to see what LHS students can accomplish by getting their word out to the town and others.