The band Silence in December will be opening for Sorry No Sympathy on April 17, 2018.

Silence in December has four members who go to LHS: senior Lander Stone, junior Paolina Rose, sophomore Christian Gay and senior Isaiah Spiegelberg. Stone is the drummer, Rose is the bass player, Gay is the lead guitarist and Spiegelberg is the lead vocalist.

The band is getting ready to open for Sorry No Sympathy by practicing two to three times a week. They have only performed one other show together and they are looking forward to doing more performances.

Sorry No Sympathy frontman Chace Corrigan

Sorry No Sympathy is a metalcore band from Laramie that plays hardcore music too.  The show they’re playing is expected to be big because a lot of bands will be there to perform.

The event will be located on Third St. and it will be held in the building where 8 bytes used to be located. The performance will take place in the basement and it will have a stage and stereos. They are not currently selling tickets but it will cost $5 at the door to get in.

The show will take place around 6 p.m. and Silence in December will be performing around five to six songs or whatever they can fill in 20 minutes.

The band is most looking forward to having a crowd that supports Sorry No Sympathy and maybe getting their name out there a little more. They are all excited and eager to play at the show.

Silence in December has been together for four months but many of the members have been a part of other bands. They are currently looking for a rhythm guitarist so they can add more depth to their sound.

“My favorite part of being in a band is being able to produce actual music,” Stone said. “I get to develop songs that I actually enjoy listening to.”

One goal Stone has for the band is having the group finish their old and new songs and get them all recorded for an album.

The band is not a cover band which means they produce their own music and do not use songs from other bands. They like to focus on the genres of punk, alternative rock and hardcore. 

They have a Facebook page and a YouTube account where they have posted some of their videos for people to listen to their music.

“A short term goal for the group is to finish up the album and get some artwork done for the album,” Gay said.

 The album will have ten songs on it and it will be the band’s first album.