Laramie High School student council is selling Yuda Bands for $7 at lunch and in the mornings.

They have been selling since Feb 21 and will be sold until March 7.

Yuda bands are leather and coconut bracelets hand made by people in Guatemalan artisans, which are people who work with Yuda Bands.

Yuda is derived from the Spanish word for help which is what the project is all about.

When Yuda Bands are bought, they are purchased directly from Yuda Band makers, which is called fair trade. When someone buys a band, it gives dignity to the makers of these bands.

Yuda Bands are sold as a service project in United States schools to build scholarship funds for youth in developing nations who can’t afford a basic high school education and they have been selling very well.

Parents that want to buy one or more of these can go to the main office or they can come in during lunch. All the support Yuda Bands get is greatly appreciated.

“The bracelet I got has a snowflake on it,” senior Claudia Estrada said.

This year they are being sold for an international student named Ratidzai Maodzua.

Maodzue is a young 15 year old girl and this year she is going to be in 6 grade

She comes from a family of four and she has a twin. Her mother is a teacher but makes little money, so she is unable to pay her family’s school fees.

She wants to become a doctor which is an ambitious dream but with the help of the Yuda Bands she could become one.

They have 200 bands that they want to sell initially, but this year they want to get to 400. Last year they ultimately sold 250 bands.

“This year I want to get to 400, I want to sell 400,” senior and student council member Conner Whitman  said.

The principal of LHS, Chuck Kern is helping Whitman advertise these bands and he wants to get a newspaper article written about them.

Brent Whiting is the founder of the Yuda Bands and now in charge is his son, Philip Whiting who lives in Utah

A couple of years ago at the Wyoming’s Association of Student Council’s Convention, also called WASCC, Whiting gave a presentation on the Yuda Bands.

Whiting wanted to advertise it and he wanted to get word out about it, so this is the second year LHS is doing it.

For more information, the Yuda Band website is