The Laramie High School Theater Guild is getting ready for their last show of the school year set to be shown on May 11. 

The upcoming performance is based off a show called “The Scarlet Heart” and it is an improv comedy. The show currently does not have a name but the students are well on their way for preparing for the show.

  The show is about a group of robbers attempting to steal a large ruby and the show has a lot of puns in it. In the show, Italians at the Hotel Amatta get into wacky hijinks.

Tickets for the show cost around $5 for students and $8 for anyone else who wishes to see it.

Currently Theater Guild has been practicing every Thursday after school to prepare for the show. Once they get closer to the date of the show they will practice from 7-10 p.m. Monday-Friday for two weeks.

“I enjoy being able to act, even after school,” LHS senior Jaden Sorenson said. “The drama community is just a big family and we all love spending time together, and it makes me all happy.”

During their last performance the Theater Guild sold out of seats for over 200 people the first night. They have sold out at least three-fourths of the auditorium for all the shows they performed earlier this year.

Theater Guild has many jobs in their program. LHS Junior Tori Kent’s job is to do tech for the show.

“I am really excited to learn some new skills for tech, but I think the actors will be looking forward to the chance of improvising during the show,” Kent said.

The tech takes place backstage and many students do the performances and tech and switch back and forth between the two throughout the year.

Many students enjoy this program because it is different from musical theater classes and it offers them different opportunities. A lot of the students in theater guild are not in musical theater so the students get the opportunity to get to know people that enjoy exactly what they enjoy.

“My favorite thing is probably getting to be around people who get me and who are as passionate about theater as I am,” LHS junior Rachael Hogan said. “I always learn new things in Theater Guild, which I love and the performing is always awesome too.”

Rachael is looking forward to the Italian Lazzi style of the show. Italian Lazzi style involves most of the characters wearing masks and using over the top physical comedy.