Laramie High School track and field athletes competed in the Simplot Games held at the Idaho State University Holt arena this past weekend.

To qualify for this particular meet the coaches at all the different schools set qualifying marks for each athlete to beat in order to go.

The LHS  track and field coaches Greg Shabron, Dave Shannon and Cody Johnson, went with the athletes to this meet.

Every team does their qualification standards differently, such as the East High School track team sets their marks super high and only one of their athletes met that qualifying mark, whereas the Natrona High School track team brought close to 50 athletes.

“The Simplot Games meet is way more competitive and it features a lot more athletes. There were almost 2,000 track athletes there and the majority of them were extremely competitive,” junior, Jason Upton said.

This particular meet was considered to be a melting pot of young aspiring individuals and dedicated business people who will grow, learn and improve while coming together in the spirit of competition.

“Being able to compete against elite athletes from all over the country has got to be one of my favorite things about this meet. It is such an amazing environment to be a part of and I am grateful that I got to be a part of it,” Upton said.

At this year’s Simplot games, a 32 year long meet record in the pole vault event was broken by an athlete out of the state of California.

Doing well in this meet was a huge accomplishment and a big confidence booster for the LHS track and field team.

“Overall as a team we did pretty well considering how competitive the meet was. We all went into the meet expecting to get personal bests and a lot of us did,” Upton said.

The Laramie High School girls sprint medley made up of senior Kyra Wolf, junior Allison Dodds, junior Kyleigh Bingham and sophomore Emmy Johnson placed first in the nationwide meet which is a huge accomplishment.

“It was so awesome to win, we were just so happy because we wanted to win so badly, I was just honored to be on a team with such fast girls, it almost felt like a dream come true to win at such a competitive meet like that. It was definitely a confidence boost for our whole team,” Dodds said.

A lot of Laramie’s athletes ended up placing in the top ten in a lot of their specific events and represented the school very well at such a large meet.

The Simplot Games competitors got the chance to mingle with many Olympic legends such as Dick Fosbury, Willie Banks, Andre Phillips and many more during the meet.

Throughout the weekend of the Simplot games the athletes could have also gotten tours of the Idaho State University Campus if they were considering the school for college.