Laramie High School student Tyler Dahl was one of the few selected for the full ride Trustees scholarship with the University of Wyoming.

The Trustees is a merit-based scholarship meaning it is awarded to those who have individual achievements in academics, athletics, or artistically.

“It pays for literally everything,” Tyler Dahl says “my books, food, housing and my intuition. This is a full ride scholarship,”.

This scholarship is good for 8 semesters which is 4 full academic years or up to first bachelor’s degree.

Students must maintain full-time continuous enrollment (12 semester hours) during the fall and spring semesters each year but it is not available during the summer semester.

Students must also maintain a 3.0 GPA during their college years.

This is a very competitive award as it is very limited, those who may receive it are incoming freshman only, coming into the fall semester.

Applications for this award is a non-refundable $40 admission fee. They must have official high school transcripts and official ACT/SAT scores.

These applications had to be completed by Dec. 5 and the students were notified Jan 1 if they have been selected.

“It’s a pretty good scholarship, I am very glad I got to be chosen for it. I honestly never would have thought that i would be one of the few to get it,” Dahl said.

The students must stay in the UW double room dorms they are given. The details are provided in the acceptance letter that is mailed to the students that have been selected.

When the Trustees is combined with the Hathaway scholarship, it provides the equivalent cost of tuition and mandatory fees for the actual credit hours taken each semester.

Even with this great offer Tyler has yet to decided if he wants to attend UW basically for free, or if he wants to consider doing Track and Field in South Dakotas University of Mines.

Tyler is a student-athlete but the trustees scholarship is not a sports scholarship. If he decides he wants to attend sports for the University of Wyoming he could attend with the coaches’ permission.

“My mom, dad and brother have always pushed me to be better today than I was yesterday. To do good in sports and in school, it is all paying off now. And I am grateful for everything I have and have been able to do and accomplish doing my high school years I hope it all works out for the years to come,” Dahl said.