Introduction to Psychology students at Laramie High School start a personality mask project on Feb. 6.

Students will be decorating masks that describe their personalities by using various art materials over the course of the next two weeks.

The requirements for the masks are five traits on the outside that they readily show people and five traits on the inside that they hide or wish they could change.

“I think it benefits students because it helps them relate themselves to the theories of personality.  Instead of just talking about all the different theories, they can apply them,” LHS psychology teacher Cory Scimeca said.

The students have been learning about personality since the middle of January.

They have learned about id, ego and super ego and have taken many personality tests like the “Big Five Personality Test” and the “Jung Test”.

“I have enjoyed learning and trying all of the personality tests because it’s fun to see how accurate they are for you, what your results say about you and what other people get. That has been the most interesting part of the personality unit to me,” Intro to Psychology sophomore student, Grace Branscom said.

Scimeca has been doing the masks for about 13 years and she plans to continue doing them in the future.

“I like being able to see the students express themselves artistically,” Scimeca said. “I do have a few masks that I have kept. They were really artistic and they found creative ways to express themselves.”

One thing Scimeca said she wishes she could change about this project is how messy they are.

“I think the masks will be fun but it is very hard to draw your own personality on a mask. It’s hard to perceive yourself and how you think you act versus what other people see, which could be completely different, and put it on a mask. It will also be hard because not everyone is artistic or creative so it will be hard for them to draw and get their vision across to others,” Branscom said.

Personality is an important part of psychology that many psychologists have studied.

“Personality is one of the main debates in psychology. There are many parts to it like how we measure it, what makes up our personality, if it’s stable or if it changes and much more,” Scimeca said.

When students have finished the masks project, the next unit will be motivation and emotion.