The Laramie High School French students are listening to speeches about members in the community.

To start out the new semester Dianne Thompson, Laramie High School French teacher, exposes the students to multicultural lectures, videos, pictures and stories in order to expose and interest the foreign language students.

“Every spring semester I start with two weeks of cultural presentations in order to get students interested in world travels and language learning,” Thompson said.

The speeches were about the presenter’s travels and their experiences overseas.

“The presentations are 45 minutes long. Those presenting have been all over the world. They have been to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America and to numerous countries in those continents and speak many languages. They talk about the importance of traveling abroad and learning a new language,” Thompson said.

Some students thought the presentations were interesting and informative.

“I thought the speeches were very interesting. Learning about everyone’s stories about their overseas trip was cool. I also got to see all the things there are to do in the world. Learning about these things made me want to travel even more than before,” sophomore French I student, Maggie Wood said.

These speeches open up the students to many different cultures from around the world.

“The presentations taught me about different cultures and make me want to travel. They also want me to learn more French and other languages so I can talk to more people and go more places outside of the United States,” Wood said.

These presentations also show the students that learning different languages is important and is imperative in the labor force today.

“It is important for young people to know that travel is the best education and learning a new language is necessary in today’s workforce,” Thompson said.

All of the French classes from French I to Advanced Placement French were able to watch or participate in the speeches.

“It was interesting listening to the lectures. My favorite speech was AP French student Jason Scott’s. I thought he had good stories. They were translated back to English for me to fully understand, and pictures were shown, so even though he was speaking in French, I could sort of understand what he was saying,” Wood said.

Any member of the community who wanted to volunteer were able to give the speeches.

“The speeches were done by people in the community: adults, parents, LHS students, college students, college professors, retired war veterans, LHS faculty and staff, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries and many more,” Thompson said.