On Monday, some LHS students will compete at a physics competition in the University of Wyoming Ballroom.
This year’s general topic is renewable energy. LHS senior Philip Henry, a second-time participant in the event and a varsity team member said, “we’ll start the competition with tests, and all eight of us have been assigned one subject for us to prepare for; I have light energy,”
“After some amount of testing, we get a little break and then we all come together and work as a team to build something with certain materials,” Henry said.
The competitors are given 75 minutes to design and build a project that will not be known until the day of the competition.
The students will leave school on the competition day at 7:55 am. Food and drinks will be provided by UW.
They will also be provided with lunch after the second portion of the competition.
The competitors are required to bring pencils and an approved scientific or graphing calculator. They are also required to submit an essay about renewable energy electronically before the event and a signed parent permission form.
“I think it’s a really great event. It’s great for learning new things; it tells me to go learn about light energy, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t go and research that at all. I think it’s super neat and it challenges you to think in many ways,” Henry said.
The participants have to prepare and research topics ahead of time. They are allowed to use their books and notes during the competition, but they are not allowed to use cell phones, laptops, or any kind of wifi device.
The students who chose to be a part of the event had to be verified by their teachers.
“We choose to participate, but the teacher has to approve of us,” Henry said. “Most of us took Physics when we were ninth graders, and so the teachers have known us for a few years and known that we were very smart so we just say ‘yeah we’ll do this again’, and so it’s just a group of friends.”
The competition is held nationwide, and as it is also a local event, all high schools from the state of Wyoming will be participating.
“We did win JV a few times, I think. If you win varsity I think you can go to nationals. I’m not sure we’ve gone to nationals,” Henry said. “But if you win State then you get the invitation to go to nationals.”